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1mPAMM by Albedo Ventures


Albedo Ventures uses an automated trading algorithm designed specifically for the professional currency trader in that it holds a unique ability to maintain low draw down and maximize gains, all while trading 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The 1mPAMM Systes are fully managed by a qualified market veteran and as a result at some times manual intervention can take place in an effort to maintain profitability and further develop the automated system itself.

The core strategy behind the 1mPAMM Systems is a very efficient and intelligent Grid Trading algorithm which utilizes a unique proprietary combination of set files, or entry and exit parameters, that have and will continue to be developed by the team at Albedo Ventures to ensure the system is profitable in all market conditions.

Trading Hours - Sunday at Sydney open to Friday at New York close from mid-January to early December.

Trading Pairs – USDCAD, AUDUSD, AUDNZD, NZDUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, EURUSD, EURGBP, GBPUSD. May vary from time to time according to trading conditions.


A great trading system can be made useless by not maintaining a smart risk strategy and adhering to strict money management guidelines.

The 1mPAMM Funds are able to control risk by dynamically updating both it's stop loss and take profit levels in accordance with price action. The full risk parameters can be analyzed via the MyFxBook links provided to all active investors.


FXPIG is only able to execute trades on managed accounts once a limited power of attorney is on file with our compliance department. If said LPOA is revoked by the client trading will immediately cease.

Clients have direct access to their account balance via a private link on our web site (Click HERE for an Example) .

The 1mPAMM Funds are Performance Fee FREE, in other words other than the Commissions charged per trade as detailed below and applicable Swaps, there are NO additional charges levied on the account.


The 1mPAMM Funds Commission Levesl are set to $4.00 USD per side per $100,000 of Notional value traded.

To calculate the notional value each day here is the simple formula:

  • EUR/USD = EURUSD x 8.00 = USD Commission per trade lot
  • AUD/USD = AUDUSD x 8.00 = USD Commission per trade lot

*Note that all USD based pairs, where the USD is the base currency, the commission is 8 USD per round turn lot.

Notional Commissions are the Forex industry standard on an institutional level.


Incoming deposits are credited to the 1mPAMM Funds at 'PAMM Roll-Over' (1AM Server Time) the following business day after being received by FXPIG. On allocation all trades previously open on the master account are 'virtually' closed and re-opened at the same price and allocated to all the investor accounts at that same price. Any open draw down or profit on the master account prior to the re-opening of those trades is NOT allocated to the new deposits, however all profit or loss incurred on the re-opened trades is, based on the 'new' open price.

Withdrawals are processed daily and require a 7 working day notice.


1mPAMM Fund


  • Minimum Opening Deposit: $3,000 USD
  • Low draw down of under 25% on a daily averaged basis across a trading month
  • Professionally Managed
  • Low to Moderate Risk
  • 50% Throttle* on Average
  • 40% Open DD Allowed before large basets are fully hedged
  • 24.7% Average Monthly Return Expected




  • Minimum Opening Deposit: $1,000 USD
  • Professionally Managed
  • Moderate to High Risk
  • 100% Throttle* on Average
  • 80% Open DD Allowed before large baskets are fully hedged
  • >40% Average Monthly Return Expected

    *Throttle referrs to the speed and size of the lot size increments using a grid system

Why is FXPIG the right choice for Albedo?

FXPIG uses a unique method of multiple aggregation points feeding in liquidity from multiple providers via direct and indirect liquidity pools. Some liquidity is sourced multiple times from the same provider giving different depth options and tiered pricing differences. FXPIG's ECN feed was build to allow systems like Euronis to flourish even during non-liquid times of the day.

Spreads are kept low by sourcing liquidity from every possible corner of the market and using a custom aggregation tool to 're-stack' the liquidity before it is piped into our platform. This gives FXPIG the ability to group top of book providers and aggregate both the buy and sell side feeds to ensure the tightest spreads.

This combined with our personalized customer service where every client has a clear path direct to our CEO separates from most every other 'competitor' in the industry today.


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